About NoSlaves

NoSlaves.com is one man's effort to bring global change and positive thinking to every Human-being on Earth.
Through personal research, ideas, theories, and the accumulation of various sources of information, the author hopes to bring courage, healing, strength, and right character to those who are seeking something better.
In an age of global chaos, surrounded by fear and negativity, it is only through the personal development of each individual that we will see a real change in global conditions.
If we never try to attain the best we can be, we will never see the next evolution in human history.
Our artificial world technology is evolving faster than the natural human. Yet our planet, and ourselves, will only thrive if we embrace and understand the natural world we are apart of.
After tens of thousands of years of human progression, it seems that the average world citizen knows less now than we did even one thousand years ago. We may have more access to information, but it seems that the information we have access to is basically irrelevant to TRUE human history, health, and our positive growth.
Let us join together, forget false and detrimental teachings, and begin to realize that human potential is limitless; that the World we live on is our canvas and we can create it into the Utopia or Paradise we are all seeking.
Is there not more to life than working our lives away to do nothing but become decrepit old husks that wither away in pain and disillusion?
We must seek truth, share truth, and push ourselves to always be better than we were the day before.